Share photos of children in an easy and safe way

Are you looking for a simple and secure way to share photos of the children in your care with their parents? I am going to introduce a daycare solution – Picu!

With Picu, you can now easily create private galleries for each child or family, where parents can conveniently view, select, and provide feedback on their child’s photos. The user-friendly plugin offers client proofing, allowing parents to mark their favorites, leave comments, and even communicate with us directly through the plugin.

What sets Picu apart is its emphasis on privacy and security. With options for password protection or user authentication, you can trust that only authorized parents or caregivers have access to the photos, ensuring the safety and privacy of the children. Plus, Picu offers customization options to match your daycare’s branding, providing a seamless and cohesive experience for families.

Say goodbye to the hassle of sharing photos through multiple platforms or worrying about data privacy concerns. Picu makes it easy and secure for parents to access and cherish the precious memories of their child in one centralized gallery.